tmcw12mo ago

Deno with the --inspect-wait arg doesn't expose /json/protocol - should it?

I'm testing out connecting to a Deno process via the v8 inspector protocol: and discovering that though it seems to work with Chrome and certain other tools, trying it with chrome-remote-interface says that it doesn't expose an endpoint at /json/protocol. I've tried Node, and it does expose an endpoint there and list its capabilities with JSON. Is this not part of the v8 protocol but something else? Maybe this is something Deno hasn't implemented?
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Deno supports the V8 Inspector Protocol used by Chrome, Edge and Node.js. This makes it possible to debug Deno programs using Chrome DevTools or other clients that su
GitHub - cyrus-and/chrome-remote-interface: Chrome Debugging Protoc...
Chrome Debugging Protocol interface for Node.js. Contribute to cyrus-and/chrome-remote-interface development by creating an account on GitHub.
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tmcw12mo ago
Providing a hardcoded protocol.json does make chrome-remote-interface work, though it's hard to tell which methods are and aren't supported by Deno without protocol.json
Leokuma12mo ago
Have you tried swapping --inspect-wait for --inspect-brk? Though that would be more of a test than a solution to the problem
bartlomieju12mo ago
@tmcw we don't expose that endpoint. Seems like an easy fix, can you open an issue?