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`deno test` and VSCode test runner are failing to run all test files

In my Fresh projects, I'm trying to run all my tests with a single command. This used to not be an issue, I would run deno test and all my puppeteer tests in all files would run in series. Issue #1: More recently, I think because of a Fresh update, when I run deno test the test runner only goes through 1 file. I have to comment out other files completely or delete them for more than 1 file's tests to go. I resorted to throwing all my tests into a single file, but that's really messy so i'm looking for a proper solution. Issue #2: I discovered that if I use Deno.test in my code instead of describe and it that I can use the VSCode test runner. However, the test runner breaks if my code uses the library zod. No error messages, it just doesn't run the test. It took a very long time to figure out Zod was the issue, but after much trial and error I'm 100% sure of it. So now I can't run all my tests using deno test or the VSCode test runner. Can I please get help with one or both of these issues so that I can run all my tests?
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