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Help on Deno deploy that fails

Hi all, I'm having an issue on Deno deploy that states as follow: 'Error: The deployment failed: Module not found "file:///src/core/errors/errors.ts".' This file is located locally in the project and has no issues. Furthemore the project itself has no 'npm specifiers' and no unsupported 'Deno fs' (as the doc says). The only thing is that the project uses 'kv' so is counted as unstable (but I do not think it is a problem itself) What should I look for this kind of problem? I have no idea on what it can be 🥲 PS: I have tested it on deno deploy with automatic and with github actions EDIT: looks like deno deploy goes with "/src" first and then to "/core/errors/..." the file is located in "<project_root>/core/errors/errors.ts" EDIT 2: moving everything under a new folder "src" solved the issue. Is this a bug or a behaviour that I missed in the docs
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