Can't sign up/sign in to Deno Deploy

I'm tired of this error. Does anybody know the reason or at least how to solve it?
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@bogdanbpeterson can you send an email with your github username to deploy@deno.com? We'll figure it out!
Here's more screenshots if it helps
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No description
No description
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@lucacasonato any progress? šŸ„ŗ
@bogdanbpeterson Do you have any non uri safe characters in your username or display name at github? That has been an issue for me on something I've been working on. The fix was pretty easy, but weird thing to discover.
@testersen nope, it's bogdanbpeterson, all latin letters @lucacasonato it's still not working šŸ˜¦ Is there anything I can do to help with resolving of this issue? Bro... Changed github username from bogdanbpeterson to bogdanpeterson (cuz I created a new github account) and now it logs in. But new bogdanbpeterson doesn't. @lucacasonato could you check if bogdanbpeterson is in some sort of ban or smth? Although I see no reason to be but still

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