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What technologies are behind the Deno Deploy feature, where you can set up your own domain name? I have an application like the person in this post, but I'd like to avoid using Cloudflare for SaaS. https://discord.com/channels/684898665143206084/1055576938233733251 I was wondering what solution Deno Deploy uses, if it's not confidential?
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Google Cloud
Cloud DNS  |  Google Cloud
Reliable, low-latency, authoritative DNS serving. Create DNS records with a CLI, or program against a REST API to customize the service to your needs.
since their *.deno.dev are under google domains
yea they do use google cloud dns service
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Hum, could be interresting, Thanks for replies, will check
Google Cloud Blog
Simplify SaaS scale TLS certificate management | Google Cloud Blog
Cloud Certificate Manager lets our users acquire and manage TLS certificates for use with Cloud Load Balancing.

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