Looking for a library to pretty print </br>, <a>, etc tags

As that title says, I'm looking for a library that can pretty print a string containing the mentioned tags, it should also be able to parse &amp; etc, Does such a library exist? Example:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,</br> consectetur adipiscing elit.</br> <b>Aliquam</b> quis augue eu metus efficitur dapibus. Ut pharetra ullamcorper vestibulum
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,</br> consectetur adipiscing elit.</br> <b>Aliquam</b> quis augue eu metus efficitur dapibus. Ut pharetra ullamcorper vestibulum
should output something like this: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam quis augue eu metus efficitur dapibus. Ut pharetra ullamcorper vestibulum i tried googling it but i honestly don't know the proper keywords to find something useful
There are a couple of HTML pretty printing libraries. It looks like you're working with HTML. Not sure about </br> though as that doesn't exist in HTML, only <br>
any names? and yes i did mean <br>
You could probably do something similar to what I did with https://deno.land/x/stx https://deno.land/x/stx@0.1.1/syntax.ts?source#L9
interesting, ill take a look at some point ended up solving my issue with regex, since there are only two tags and there wasnt much else was trying to avoid using regex for it gonna live with the &amp things for now

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