What's a good way to write tests for a script which does a bunch filesystem wrangling?

NDCNeil de Carteret8/1/2023
As per the title - I have a script which, given a folder, does a bunch of moving and renaming. I'd like to test it, ideally without having to abstract the entire fs away. The last timer I had to do this under Node.js I think I used mock-fs, but that works directly with Node's fs API. What would be a good approach for doing this in Deno?
Create a fixture folder with test data. For each test you can create a temporary folder with Deno. makeTempFile() and copy the test files into that. Then do your file moving or other logic and assert the end result. That's what I usually do
NDCNeil de Carteret8/1/2023
Yeah, that's a workable approach. It just gets slow when the number of test cases gets high. Thanks for responding!
It really depends. With SSDs these days it's pretty fast
I have been using https://deno.land/x/mock_file@v1.1.2 with good result.

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