Generate jUnit XML file from Deno Tests

Hey is it possible that the Deno Test suite generates a jUnit XML about the Test? So that I can display the results on GitLab/GitHub?
I think it landed somewhat recently in deno behind the --unstable flag. See https://github.com/denoland/deno/pull/19747
Nice. Does this already work? And if so how can I use it?
Did you try the steps in the PR? It lists the following command deno test -A --unstable --junit=./report.xml path/to/my_test.ts
Yea I tried that but it gives me an error saying that --junit is not a valid argument. I am also running the latest version of Deno
deno 1.35.3
deno 1.35.3
That looks like you have an emdash instead of two dashes in the argument.
No there are 2 -- it just looks diffrent. I have tried every possible combination. It was written from mobile that's the reason why it looked that way. But it still does not work xD
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Deno 1.36: More flexible security and expanded testing APIs
Deno 1.36 introduces new runtime security options plus expanded testing and benchmarking APIs.

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