How to deno up nuxt?

Setting up Nuxt3: When learning more about V8 and the node.js architecture I became aware of deno. Diving deeper into DENO and being aware of prototype pollution and other important IT security aspects I would like to set up nuxt via DENO right from the beginning... It it already possible or what needs to be done? #nuxt
While a Nuxt website pretty much works in Deno, I haven't tried doing the entire development in Deno. It should be a pain to do tho, considering a large part of Nuxt's dev environment relies on auto imports
@retraigo I‘ve understood that running a Nuxt Site works with Deno, but watching the comparison on the Deno website left node.js right side Deno making me wonder what needs to be done… I believe that it would be a win to win situation for both communities, First step would be an understanding of what needs to be done.

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