Reason for "Following modules were not evaluated"

What is the reason for "Following modules were not evaluated; make sure they are imported from other code". As far as I can tell it requires me to add esm_entry_point if my deno extension has esm files. Why cant I add esm and use it later in side module and not in entry point? or am I missing something?
to elaborate more: why in this case https://github.com/denoland/deno/pull/19125/files it is required to have esm_entry_point?
fix(runtime): Example hello_runtime panic by yzy-1 ยท Pull Request #...
After commit f34fcd, running example will panic because esm_entry_point is not set. Closes #19127
If you are snapshotting there must be an entry point. You can use it "later" - all files passed to extension must be evaluated before snapshot is created Oh sorry - it should have been you can't use it "later"
so my esm_entry_point file will just import all modules and not do anything in it? seems redundant
You have to explicit import all the files you list in esm configuration in your esm_entry_point - otherwise you will get this panic. Yes, it's a bit redundant, but it's a sanity check that you don't snapshot some files that don't get used.
makes sense

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