Docs on understanding how Fresh works under the hood.

I want to start becoming a contributor for Fresh, I have been looking at PRs and reading documents while developing but still feel lost in trying to understand the concept behind how this works. Is there a good way to start understanding this ?
Which concept or which part of Fresh can we help you with in understanding it?
Hello @marvin_h, I am just trying to get an understanding of how Fresh goes from the deno task -> rendered on the page. Since yesterday I was able to follow the dev() function and see that we use Deno.serve to run the server. I'm sure understanding some of the concepts will just take me some time.. but I was wondering if it would be useful if I created some documentation that potentials contributors could use to quickly understand where to look and what it does
sure creating on overview of how all the pieces work together would definitely be awesome 👍
I was in the same boat a month ago. Since then I mostly get it, and explanations of the following parts of fresh (in no particular order) would probably help others out: - Rendering - Building - Server Initialization - Routing - Plugins - Hydration - (De)serialization I guess I'm missing a part or two
Amazing! Yeah, diving in and figuring it out is sometimes the way to go. but it is always nice to have some guidance 🙂 Much appreciated @reed.v.r !
ABAltair 680b7/20/2023
A simple graphical overview with elements linking to deep-dives would be super. The main processes are relatively serial in nature; should be easy to diagram.
Agreed. okay I will start working on that as I'm figuring things out

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