TypeScript compiler type declarations

I'm using import ts from "npm:typescript" to work with the TypeScript compiler, but how do I get type information? VSCode is telling me "Cannot find module 'npm:typescript' or its corresponding type declarations."
ABAltair 680b7/19/2023
Typescript is Built-In to VS Code! you don't need to import it! If you truly want to use Typescript rather than Deno-Typescript, you'll need to add a tsconfig.json file. Read about that on the Typescript site, not VS Code site.
Not sure I follow. I'm using the typescript package to do my own AST parsing of TS code for static analysis. But the package seemingly has no API docs, so autocomplete would be reaaaallly nice, but I'm not getting anything from the above import
ABAltair 680b7/19/2023
My misunderstanding. I'm not familiar with npm:typescript -- sorry!
thanks tho! ugh, deno just wasn't enabled for the workspace

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