Is there a way to copy an element and place it somewhere else?

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Is there a way to copy an element and place it somewhere else in fr...
I have been wondering if there is any easy way to copy an element and then place the copied element somewhere else like under the original element by using deno fresh. Here's what I have tried: The...
what's the use case? you would be messing the vdom that fresh needs. why not use state and hide in one place and show in another?
I don't think there is something ready made for that as it's a bit of a very niche use case. That said it should work like in any other framework. P.S.: I wouldn't trust ChatGPT with Fresh stuff. The code it returned for fresh uses exports from Fresh that don't exist
To make a website where in everyone can share their code.
not the website purpose, the purpose of moving the element i'm trying to understand how a state can't fit this need
Not to move a element to copy a element
just copying to clipboard to paste later? you don't want to move a dom node?
No I want to copy a dom node And Place it somewhere else in the website itself
what does this have to do with this

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