deno check: Module '"internal:///missing_dependency.d.ts"' has no exported member...

PHPatrick (he/him)7/12/2023
The sequence of events: - Upgraded to Deno 1.35.0 - ran deno check on my code - got an error like the one described in https://github.com/denoland/deno/issues/11196 (AssertionError: data unexpectedly null) - tried the suggestion from that issue, namely replaced path with types in my triple slash reference comments - reran deno check - got the above error, the exported member being something that is declared in a file referenced by one of the above triple slash comments Can provide more details and create a GitHub issue but wanted to post here in case folks are already on it.
AssertionError where "data" is unexpectedly null when a file contai...
A.d.ts declare class Test { } test.ts /// <reference path="./A.d.ts" /> Output > deno run test.ts Check file:///V:/dprint-plugins/test.ts error: AssertionError: "data" ...
PHPatrick (he/him)8/17/2023
actually, looks like I get this type error now for everything imported from a module declared in an import map also happens with Deno 1.34.3 and 1.34.2 and 1.34.1 and 1.34.0 and 1.33.4 and 1.32.4 I'll try to make a minimum reproducing example. ok I think I figured it out: the error happens when the compiler can't resolve the path referenced by the triple slash lmk if a MRE is desired oh ya, and I figured this out by switching to v1.31.1 which reports the error correctly bumping this because I'm running in to it again. Would be nice if this error message was more human-friendly.
@zzt64 could you please open an issue in the repo? A better error message with a suggestion how to fix it is definitely needed here
PHPatrick (he/him)8/22/2023
Confusing error message: '"deno:///missing_dependency.d.ts"' has no...
I'm working on creating a minimum reproducing example, but I do know this happens: On every version of Deno that I've tried, from 1.26.0 to 1.36.1 When triple slash directives are involved ...

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