abi13mo ago

Reasons to choose Node.js

I've been tasked to write a list of pros/cons of Deno in comparison to Node.js. I am quite honestly having a hard time formulating that many "pros" of Node.js. Could someone please let me know: what good reasons are there to choose Node.js today?
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Alex Jeffcott
Alex Jeffcott13mo ago
I can think of three things in no particular order: 1. esbuild treats it as first-class, if that makes sense. 2. Playwright does not support Deno 3. it is the default choice for many devs
TheYuriG13mo ago
the larger ecossystem and the large quantity of tutorials around it are 2 good reasons while the NPM support in Deno is great, it's not yet 100% Node.JS allows you to pretty much copy and paste code without thinking too hard
abi13mo ago
thanks, these are good reasons. if you think of more reasons, please do send them.
NeTT13mo ago
Majority of popular frameworks are Node-first / Node-only (eg. Nuxt, Next, etc). Dev experience. You'd normally find it easier to write large apps in Node due to the big ecosystem and dev tools.