Uncaught (in promise) eof for websocket

/root/.pm2/logs/twitter-follow-checker-error.log last 15 lines: 0|twitter | ^ 0|twitter | at alert_new_follow (file:///root/projects/twitter_v2_deno/watchers/alert_newfollow.ts:49:61) 0|twitter | at eventLoopTick (ext:core/01core.js:183:11) 0|twitter | at async file:///root/projects/twitter_v2deno/cron.ts:10:1 0|twitter | Sending fatal alert UnknownCA 0|twitter | TLS connection failed with message: invalid peer certificate: UnknownIssuer 0|twitter | Defaulting to non-encrypted connection 0|twitter | error: Uncaught (in promise) InvalidStateError: readyState not OPEN 0|twitter | shard.socket?.send( 0|twitter | ^ 0|twitter | at WebSocket.send (ext:deno_websocket/01websocket.js:322:13) 0|twitter | at https://deno.land/x/discordeno@18.0.1/gateway/shard/startHeartbeating.ts:52:21 0|twitter_ | at Object.action (ext:deno_web/02timers.js:152:11) 0|twitter | at handleTimerMacrotask (ext:deno_web/02timers.js:66:10) 0|twitter | at eventLoopTick (ext:core/01_core.js:189:21)
Looks to me like something is wrong with twitter’s certificates Have you asked the discordeno people?
it's about discord certificate but core issue is deno_websocket
have people from discordeno reported similar issues? I havent heard of ths before
I don't think anybody uses discorddeno in production heavily yet to report it

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