Possible to deploy the chat example to deno deploy?

I would like to try running this demo on deno deploy: https://deno.com/manual@v1.34.0/examples/chat_app However, I have seen somewhere that deploy doesn't suport websockets. Is this currently the case? Is it possbile to run this with deploy? thanks
Chat App | Manual | Deno
In this tutorial we'll create a simple chat app using Deno. Our chat app will allow multiple chat clients connected to the same backend to send group messages through web sockets. After a client choo
Deploy supports websockets, but I wouldn't recommend it. SSE is definitely the way to go.
hmm, server side events? interesting. i've been working on websockets to start with since there seem to be a lot of examples out there i just tried deploying to deploy i think i must have a problem with the port, because i got this error in my browser: Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at ws://localhost:8080/start_web_socket?username=huh. would you say you wouldn't recommend it because there is some kind of problem with websockets on deploy, or because you prefer SSE in general?
I prefer SSE in general because of autoreconnect + a simpler API surface websockets work, but it's just not very fun to set up reconnect
i see, interesting. i will push SSE on my endless stack of things to try πŸ™‚

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