[have workaround] "deno" and "deno repl" aren't producing output

I typed in "deno" and nothing happened, and I thought it was finally doing the right thing when no arguments are given to a scripting language command, which is to accept input on stdin, but it seems to just be a glitch. Any idea why it's hanging for me when I type deno or deno repl? It works when I do deno run hello.js and deno help. deno --verbose isn't a thing. Is there anything like deno --verbose I can type to see what it does before it fails to run? here's what it looks like:
➜ deno
➜ deno
sudo su - ...followed by /opt/homebrew/bin/deno works. I don't really care about deno showing the repl like python much, it's a valid choice, but it would be nice to get rid of the last non-explicit deno -a and doing what ruby does would be one way to do it!!! (except instead of irb being the separate command to run the repl, deno repl) looks like it must be something in /opt/homebrew/opt/deno though I don't know why root doesn't have it a tar cjf ~/Documents/deno-issue.tar.bz2 . and a deno -v > ~/Documents/deno-issue-version will help me fix it so I can use deno and hopefully let me diagnose it or help someone else diagnose it later rm -r ~/Library/Caches/deno didn't fix it brew upgrade deno probably will though yeppers.

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