Is there a way to vendor npm specifier imports?

BBBustin Base4/13/2023
deno vendor npm:express Vendored 0 modules into scripts/vendor directory
Not yet iirc. Have you tried esm.sh?
BBBustin Base4/13/2023
I did but the types are all any and while my company firewall doesn't yet block esm.sh they probably will when they find out I can bypass artifactory using it I'll probably try again though, I was just hoping the npm specifiers would be a better experience.
npm specifiers aren't fully integrated with everything just yet /shrug
BBBustin Base4/13/2023
Yeah if I just run NPM_CONFIG_REGISTRY=$URL deno cache ... then it will work and cache but for some reason vscode extension cannot find that module in the cache and there seems to not be a way to specify the env var for vscode's sake.

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