Twind intellisense stop working

Out of the blue, intellisense stopped working even though I installed the twind and deno extensions in VS Code. Has anyone experienced something like this and know how to fix it? VS Code: 1.77.1 Deno: 1.32.3 Fresh: 1.1.5 Twind: 0.16.19 Initialized workspace and cached libraries: Yes
UUUnknown User4/29/2023
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No, but I found out that this is caused by an incompatibility with the new VS Code version. I publish an issure, but i don't have any response yet. https://github.com/tw-in-js/vscode-twind-intellisense/issues/24#issue-1657740339
VS Code extension doesn't work with v1.77.1 (March 2023) · Issue #2...
Out of the blue, intellisense stopped working even though I installed the twind and deno extensions in VS Code. I tried it with VS Code v1.76 (February 2023) and it works perfectly VS Code: 1.77.1 ...
UUUnknown User4/30/2023
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So, there is only two solutions: 1) Wait until it is fixed 2) Create our own extension as they don't answer :c
UUUnknown User5/6/2023
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Then.... We're doom :c

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