Recent deployment not working?

Hi there I have an api that was working just fine not sure what happen but new deployments are not working, on my local works, and the deployment from 5 days ago works, but any new deployment don't I'm using the pusher library with esm.sh, just wonder if anything changed recently 👀 I mean the deployment works** but the code endpoint dont not sure why we didnt change the code - clau-platform-api-scjgw1efdwxg.deno.dev/pusher doesnt work - clau-platform-api-renyce2zgbr0.deno.dev/pusher it works Not code change 2-3 days apart, no new deployment is working since then Code import { Router } from "oak"; import { logger } from "../utils/logger.ts"; import { pusher } from "../modules/pusher.ts"; import { getFakeName } from "../tests/faker.ts"; const pusherRouter = new Router(); pusherRouter.all("/pusher", async (ctx) => { let pResponse = null; try { let name = await getFakeName(); const date = new Date(); const options: any = { year: "numeric", month: "2-digit", day: "2-digit", hour: "2-digit", minute: "2-digit", second: "2-digit", fractionalSecondDigits: 3, }; const mexicanDate = date.toLocaleString("es-MX", options); pResponse = await pusher.trigger("chat-room", "new-message", { message: Hi from ${name} at ${mexicanDate}, }); pResponse = await pResponse.json(); logger.info({ pResponse }); } catch (error) { pResponse = error; logger.error({ pResponse }); } ctx.response.body = { pResponse, }; }); export { pusherRouter }; using this solved the issue: "https://esm.sh/pusher@5.1.2?bundle",

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