Update sub-directory for module already added to deno.land/x

PHPatrick (he/him)3/13/2023
The title pretty much says it all, but the module in question is hot_mod, and the current subdir is src/modules but I want to change it to '' (empty string)
in the webhook url there is a search param for the subdir, you can just change it/remove it
PHPatrick (he/him)3/13/2023
ok, did that, pushed a new tag and the webhook got a 200, but deno info https://deno.land/x/hot_mod@0.0.4-alpha/dist/client/mod.js is failing to find the module. Same with deno info https://deno.land/x/hot_mod@0.0.4-alpha/src/server/mod.ts. Just a caching issue, perhaps? the repo on GH https://github.com/patreeceeo/hot_mod Ah, I see, I need to use --reload with deno info

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