Learning how this works under the hood

Recommended resources to learn how this stuff works that can be understood by a dummy without a background in computer science? For a guy like me, becoming proficient at coding amounted to more or less like learning what goes with what and remembering how to get things to happen. I'm very limited by my lack of understanding how any of this (runtimes, bundlers, compilers, etc etc) works under the hood. I want to level up.
Doctor πŸ€–β€’532d ago
You should probably first learn the language. Deno put simply is just a runtime for JavaScript with bundling and compiling to a binary built in where with nodejs you’d need to get the several tools separately and set them up to work together.
Doctor πŸ€–β€’532d ago
A lot of tutorials for JavaScript are outdated and will teach you old practices but this website from the bits I’ve seen is good.
kidnextdoorβ€’532d ago
Appreciate it
jeff.hykinβ€’530d ago
don't worry about having a background in CS. If you understand arrays and objects you're good. Deno/Node/Bun run Javascript in order to give it access to file tools and operating system tools. Browsers give web interface tools to javascript instead. Like @ Doctor said learning Javascript is learning Deno. Deno only adds one variable (the Deno variable). Everything else is pure Javascript. Node is a little less clean, it adds several magic variables, but I won't get into that. if you want to know how javascript engines work (or how it's supposed to work), skip to 30:12 in this video. https://youtu.be/Bv_5Zv5c-Ts It gives a great understanding of how the system itself is designed and will probably clear up a lot of confusion. After that video, I highly recommend starting to understand asynchronous Javascript beginning with this video (skip the first 2 min) https://youtu.be/670f71LTWpM async takes a long time to fully understand, but once you master it, you've probably mastered 70% of all javascript features. If you ever find yourself reading about Proxy objects (probably the most advanced Javascript feature) you can be confident you're in the top 1% of JS devs. If you already know all this stuff, then my guess is the only things under the hood are in the Deno source code. Which can be beneficial, although it requires learning Rust first
Tony Alicea
JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts - The First 3.5 Hours
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James Q Quick
Asynchronous JavaScript in ~10 Minutes - Callbacks, Promises, and A...
The asynchronous nature of JavaScript to understanding the language. You'll find the use of callbacks, promises, and async/await in code that you write every day as a JavaScript developer. In this JavaScript tutorial, you'll learn about all three in about 10 minutes. 00:00 - Intro 01:15 - Callbacks 03:20 - Error First Callback 05:00 - Promises...
kidnextdoorβ€’530d ago
Thank you so much, I will study all the links you have given me
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